Imagine being upstaged by a big green plant. Yup, I’m talking about a certain green Venus flytrap  in the Little Shop of Horrors. Well, that’s exactly what happened to an amazing cast of actors at the Grand Opera House, Belfast on Wednesday night.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the actors on stage, but Audrey II the mighty, man-eating plant in the Little Shop of horrors was mesmerising. The little jerky movements of every leaf and that great big toothy grin had every audience member in the sold out auditorium in stitches. Not to mention the deep bass tones emineting from within. Josh Wilmott, the puppeteer and Neil Nicholas, the voice of Audrey II make an amazing team and the Sell A Door company should be immensely proud of such a satisfying, feel good production.

Most people will be aware of The Little Shop of Horrors musical. In fact when I was discussing this musical with peers it turns out there was a big 90s revival of the production in schools throughout the UK. But I am sure no-one has seen the musical done with such poise and brilliance as this touring company.

With a small touring cast of eleven, this production is electric. I adored Sam Luptons nerdy, shy,  but somewhat maniac Seymour and I wanted to swap clothes and gossip with Stephanie Clifts Audrey. I felt empathy, love and that I had formed a friendship with each and ever character before the end of the first act and I really believed every moment of this eccentric production. Add in the fabulous Rhydian (yes him of X-factor fame) playing Orin the devious crazy dentist and some other fantastically funny cameos and I was in musical heaven.

A fantastically fun musical tribute to the original 1960s film with heart-breaking songs such as Audrey’s Somewhere that’s green. This production goes down as one of my favourites this year.

The production closes in the Grand Opera House tonight so be quick and grab a ticket!! image.jpeg

Ps. I have been avoiding going to the dentist all week (I have an irrational fear). However I have been suffering for a torturous toothache so seeing the loathsome dentist being feed to Audrey II just made this production all the more pleasurable ! Hahaha

Emer D xx