This week I have attended some fabulous events, drank some amazing cocktails and altogether had an amazing time. Well that’s what my ego wants to say. The other side was I became incredibly anxious,stressed and actually ended up in tears.

No real reason for this my working pattern hasn’t  changed that much this week but things just started to get on top of me. I don’t know if it was hormones, lack of sleep, not eating properly or just I was having one of those days but it happened.

So today I tried to capture some ME time, I have a lot of work responsibilities and sometimes they take over but I think it’s important to switch off sometimes. Anyway I got a few hours and it got me thinking what actually makes me feel confident.

I hadn’t been really applying much makeup or making much if an effort with my appearance but if  you follow me on snapchat you  would have seen yesterday I had my favourite floaty flirty skirt on and my signature red lipstick. And although it may seem like something silly, that red lipstick is an outward sign that I am ready to take on the world. It may scream look at me but that’s the point it makes me feel more commanding and yes confident.


So I was intrigued to find out what makes you blue and what are your tricks to take on the world I would love to know?

I hope this doesn’t sound like a moan but blogging, talking to friends and exceeding in work also makes me feel more confident.

This lead me on to another topic I was discussing tonight  with some of my snapchat followers. Do you ever feel lonely even in a whole group of people? I’m eternally single (no-one will have me lol) but I am always surrounded by people, I’m lucky to have a large social circle and family connection but yet at times I feel unconfident as I’m the single one, the person you say “you’ll be next” too at weddings and the person who’s constantly searching to fill those plus ones.

BUT I had read a recent blog about an American trend were ladies and single gents are embracing  single life they are buying themselves “pinkie rings” to mark the fact that they are happily in love with their life and themselves. I don’t know if Id go that far but at times I have to remind myself how lucky I am and what a fabulous life I have so maybe just maybe this little heart ring maybe a little daily reminder for me.


Anyway enough moaning,I just wanted to put that out there. Prove somewhat of a point, it may sometimes be look on social media like everything is fabulous and everyone’s life looks more amazing than yours but some times the grass is not always greener!

lots of love

Emer D xx