As I highlighted before I’m not really a big beauty blogger but I am female and I like to use cosmetics. So here’s this weeks views on my current necessities.


A few weeks ago I received a gorgeous package of cosmetics and travel size goodies from LIDL NI. Since then I’ve been working them into my daily routine and I have found my favourites. Mainly the lip glosses, lipsticks and the mascara(pictured below). Other products such as the BB cream and eye-shadows I liked but I don’t think I’ve got the right colours yet however I can do a lot more experimenting as the price of this range starts at a jaw-dropping 49p…yes I said 49p amazing!! So get picking up those products with your weekly groceries and let me know how you get on guys.


I also received another gorgeous beauty product which I have been trying for the past few weeks; a fabulous Miracle Oil from Jason Shankey Salons. It’s AMAZING!! It has a wonderful spa smell which I want to put in my oil burners to fill my whole house. It’s brilliant as a facial oil and it’s fantastic for massages ( so I’ve been told I need someone to treat me to that luxury  ;))  but my favourite use for this miracle product is my hair. I have frizzy dry curly hair and in the summer humidity it gets ten times worse but this is the first thing I’ve found which controls and smooths with only a few tiny drops. Go grab it for yourself and tell them I sent you, you won’t be sorry.


OK that’s all I’ve got time for (as rushed as my daily makeup routine 😉 )but if you have any products you think I should be checking out, let me know.

Emer D xx