Shape up for the summer: what to do in this heat!!!

OK as it gets hotter outside, I feel like I need to be out in the sunshine, socialising and having fun so I came up with a compromise in regards to my fitness. It’s very easy for me to fall off the bandwagon at this stage enjoy calorie filled cocktails, wine and ice-cream.

My compromise this week was to still enjoy all of the summer treats but to also workout and get out in the fresh air. So I went out to the Culloden Hotel Gym and did my normal workout,strength training and cardio PLUS I got out in the great outdoors for a jog and a cool down.

The surroundings areas are beautiful, tranquil and filled with joggers and lots of smiling happy people enjoying their day.I was amazed at the gorgeous buildings,lanes and the stunning coastline just five minutes away from the gym.


I think this will now become part of my daily routine, it was the perfect way to cool down mixed with a quick dip in the pool of course!! Now where’s that mojito!!!






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