I haven’t worked a normal working 9-5 job in 8 years. Sometimes I miss the normality of having a set day but MOST of the time, I don’t!  I love the way my work life progress’ and develops. As a 32 year old, I’m still learning what it is I want to do and my career is still in it’s early stages.

I’m writing this blog for three reasons:

1. I got a Monday evening off, this in my book is very unusual! Unless I booked the day off, I always work a Monday and have done for the past 6 years.

2. I have been recently thinking about my career, probably as I work with alot of students, who have all just recently graduated and the ideal career has become a big talking point.

3. I saw Beyonce at the weekend and that is one impressive female BOSS!!

This blog is not careers advice but it is something I want to put out in the ether to put the 20 year old minds at rest and give the older reader a bit more optimism.

OK as stated above I am 32 years of age, I graduated with a degree in Drama and English when I was 21. From there I did the “what now moment??”.  For me I ended up in a call centre in my hometown. I don’t regret this career move; it taught my some invaluable customer service skills and I met one of my closest friends and in my early twenties it gave me money to shop, party and buy anything I wanted.

When I had enough of this and wanted to seek my own independence again (I had moved back in with my parents.) I sought out a higher-paying job, one with progression and one where I could transfer back up to the city. I ended up in the banking field.

My banking career lasted 7 years I learnt some invaluable financial management skills, had a varied job role and found out what it’s like to work under pressure. I was a few years into my banking career when I decided it wasn’t for me. I think I’m creative person and I missed the buzz I got from working in theatre and being my own boss. So I decided I would go back and study part-time.


However study is expensive; so to be able to pay my fees, I also picked up a part-time job. So at this point I was studying a masters in Management and Organisation, I was working full-time (Mon-Fri 9-5) in a bank and worked evenings and weekend in a cinema when not in class. My hectic chaotic working 60+ hours a week life was born!

I have no regrets I got a qualification and my part-time job in the cinema actually turned into a great opportunity for me. I was able in my part-time life to develop my people management skills so I could become a supervisors and eventually I was able to leave the bank and become a full-time  operations manager in said cinema.

Six years down the line working as an operations manager, I spotted a freelance position covering PR and marketing in a professional theatre company. (I had always kept up my love for theatre by being on a board of a professional theatre company since I graduated.) I went for the interview, thinking I had no chance and low and behold I have being working with the company for 18 months.

My point in telling you all this is, life isn’t perfect, your career wont be either but make decisions, take chances you never know where you will end up.

I currently work 2.5 jobs (full-time operations manager,part-time PR/marketing officer, blogger/freelancer)  and usually work at least 6 days a week but every day is varied. Every day I find something I love about my job and everyday I learn a new skill.

Everything I do grows me and I’m thankful for all the opportunities I have had and I cant wait to see what the future holds after all Ive at least another 33years before I can retire!!!

So embrace that stop-gap job but never stop looking. After all we spend a large proportion of our life’s working so why not enjoy it!

Love Emer D xx