“You are beautiful inside and out”. When did someone last tell you that you are beautiful.Be honest and don’t say someone put it under a social media picture (come on we all use filters šŸ˜‰ ). When did someone in person tell you are a beautiful individual? If it’s been a while I’m telling you now, you are beautiful. Every individual in my own personal opinion has the potential to be a beautiful person.

You may think this is a strange way to start my fitness blog this week but there is a reason for this. The opening quote was something two ladies said to me in a bar at the weekend, I had a few drinks and I was celebrating my birthday butĀ  I was made up by this statement, which was utteredĀ  by two complete strangers. They left just after saying it so I’m not sure why they felt they needed to say so, maybe it was my crazy dance moves, maybe they were drunk or maybe I was truly enjoying myself, just being me and something shone through.

Anyway the reason I’ve put this in my shape up blog this week is because I wasn’t feeling very beautiful this week in fact I’d been avoiding the gym. I was feeling old ( I turned 32, not old at all I know) and tired. In fact I was just being lazy and feeling a bit blue. It happens at my birthday, I start saying to myself about the shoulda,woulda,couldas. And it seems to take over my usual busy self. Don’t get me wrong I love my busy life but there are certain things I would change but that’s for another blog.

One of the main things I constantly work on changing is my weight! Hence the shape up factor. I know I’m not the perfect 10, I’m not perfect in a swimsuit but I’m ME. I have lumps and bumps (I hate the word curves just say it as it is) I’m fat. But I’m doing something about it and do you know what it makes me feel better. So after those ladies kind words on Saturday night and after sleeping off my hangover. I went to work with a new sense of purpose and today (Monday) I was determined to be motivated and you know what I forgot why I was avoiding the place. I had a fabulous work out and I wasn’t afraid of the other gym users staring at me. I worked on my endurance and the sweat lashed off my back. And I felt GOOD about myself.

I was greeted by the friendly Culloden Spa staff, who wished me a Happy Birthday and asked about me. They were all in good form having won the Spa of the year award at the Northern Ireland Hair and Beauty Awards last night and their smiles where infectious. So on this rainy horrible Monday I found a SMILEĀ  at the Culloden and I wore it proudly just like the staff. I will continue to fight the battle of the bulge but I will be happy that I am a beautiful person.


I hope this inspires you to face life’s challenges and to smile today!

Love Emer D xx