Good things come in small packages!

Ok guys, I have stated I’m not a fashionista and I will state now I’m not a beauty blogger either, BUT I was challenged over on snapchat to let you all know what my favourite beauty products are so here goes…I should give you all a quick disclaimer I’m a thirty something who loves packaging (Benefit is my go to for that very reason!) but I also don’t use an awful lot of products other than the basics, I am not a makeup artist but I love to experiment!! I love black eyeliner and red lips the real classic look!

So instead  of going into makeup looks I thought I’d tell you about my five favourite miniatures, which I love to travel with, as it is that holiday time of year after all  so in no particular order here’s my favourite five:


I love Glam Glow I know there’s a lot of hype about it,but it is one of my favourite mud masks they have so many different formulas but my skin seems to love thirsty mud,especially when I am travelling. I also find it quite gentle on the skin so it can be used once a week. It can be a little more on the expensive side of things but it lasts quite long and I luckily visited Hollywood this year so I was able to pick my own little supply.

If you aren’t lucky enough to find this in the shops there are lots of other mud masks on the market in fact a colleague gave me a sample of  a new one called nuSkin which I really liked as well. Check it out hereNUSkin with Conor. It’s very glamorous makes you look like this!! 😂


My second favourite thing to have, a follow up for the mud mask is Heaven skincare moisturiser, if you’ve ready my blog before you will know I’ve meet the creator Deborah Mitchell and I love their bee venom range but I do love this little pot of wonder also (used by the likes of princess Kate and A-list celebs).Again a little bit goes along way but I like to keep this as a special treat to my skin once a week after a through cleanse.


Eye creams, I’m a but bemused by them I’ve been told since my late twenty’s to use them to avoid fine lines and help with bags. I work constantly and get very little sleep so the eye bags are hard to avoid but I do think I’m avoiding the majority of fine lines around my eyes and this product from ESPA is a 24hr moisturiser. I love the texture and smell of this one and after using it for over two weeks I think I’m sold but I would love to hear what everyone else thinks about eye creams…


Ok so following on from trying to avoid wrinkles, I love the next product for covering them up…


This little miracle in a pot from Clarins was gifted to me by a friend and guys I swear by it at the moment. It keeps my makeup on and does exactly what is says on the pot your skin is instantly smooth it is the perfect base to start your makeup.

Ok fifth product last but not least, this is a product I’ve been using since I was in Uni. Remember I said I don’t sleep much so I get bags under my eyes. Well  I swear by Benefits high beam this  is a makeup staple for me as you can see from my photo this one is much used. It’s been around for a longtime but it’s an oldie and a goodie. If I was only allowed one luxury item on a desert island this would be it. It just seems to give me a more confident fun loving glowing, I’m sure if you popped into your local Benefit they would let you try it but take my word for it’s like magic dust, it gives you check bones and hides dark spots.


So those are my top five miniatures which swiftly moves me into a little competition I shall be launching on my social media spaces this week so keep your eyes peeled. Other than that give me feedback,what are your fav items? Have I afeatured any you like or should I be trying something else?

Let me know, love Emer D xx


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