Fitness, Fashion and Flights (including Shape up for Summer update)

Hi All apologises for the delay in blogging but as the title suggests I’ve been busy. It’s been another crazy working week but I have just about made time to fit in; a couple of training sessions, a fashion show (a drinks reception for nigossipguy) and a weekend away. Well I do like to work hard and play hard ;).


Where to start….ok how about a shape up for summer update, as you’ve probably seen over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been attending the Culloden Spa trying to get myself summer ready or at least counteract the numerous cocktails and ice creams. I’m glad to report that all my effort have not be in vain, the scales are actually starting to move in the right direction. Il give you full details when the 8 weeks are up but needless to say I am happy at this stage. I’m feeling healthier, sleeping better and even a bit more relaxed.



Fashion Shows!!!! I love fashion but as I have stated before I am not a fashionista; I dress in bright colours because they make me feel confident, I dress the way I want and how I feel comfortable but I love to shop and I love to follow trends. (see below my outfit of the night my super comfy funky play suit from New Look)



So when I was invited to check out Victoria Squares summer styling in the Slieve Donard I jumped at the chance.I loved the bright colours of Karen Millen and the girlie feminine skirts of Coast but the biggest shocker of the lot was the great range from Phase 8. A store I would never normally check out. Needless to say I will be popping into Victoria square soon to update my look.

image     After the fashion show I headed straight home full of inspiration and got packing for a quick weekend away in London with my bestie. Check out my Facebook page and Instagram pages to see what I thought of the new Tate Modern extension and Branagh theatres production of Romeo and Juliet. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ve been in London a couple of times so this time I thought I would check out Camden which I loved lots of crafts and market stalls, lots of great music and fun bars check it out if your heading in that direction. That’s all for now more blogs and adventures to come so keep reading.

Love Emer D xx



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