I have very eclectic taste in music, I can range from classical to punk, from cheesy pop tunes to System of a Down! But you can also find me singing along to late night cheesy love songs (in fact that’s exactly what I’m doing as I write this.)

I think you develop your musical taste over the years, you pick up songs from your parents (Dolly Parton, Cliff Richard, Kenny Rodgers and a few others in my case.), you pick them up from your peers (Jimmy eat World, RHCP, Incubus all happened to be my A-level soundscape.) And you then form your own taste. However I hadn’t realised I haven’t challenged my musical taste in a while, I haven’t been to see any local bands or been to any open mic nights, I’ve been to the mainstream gigs in the SSE, Limelight etc.Seen my favourite big bands. When did I stop listening and exploring??

So when I was invited along to the MAC theatre to experience something which was billed ;

“Expect live music, theatre, dance and audio visuals to collide in this exciting and immersive performance where you’ll see some of Ireland’s most exciting, up and coming new acts. Performed in a beautiful setting created by local designers and artists, the show features 4 bands (Goldie Fawn, Æ Mak, New Portals and Beauty Sleep) and a host of dancers. This is music influenced by theatre and an experience not to be missed.”

I was more than intrigued. So after a long day in the office, I put on my dancing shoes, picked up one of my favourite gal-pals (who also has a fantastic ear for these things) and I geared up for the night!

Murmur 2

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know  that I  am no stranger to any of the MAC spaces but when I walked into the downstairs studio on Friday night I was not disappointed with the amazing artistic setting. I loved the mixture of colourful birds,flowers and stage lights. To be honest it set the scene for something different, something exciting, something new.That and the fact that I spotted at least six mics and three drum sets (never have I seen some much tech on that stage).

The four bands took to the stage; Goldie Fawn (who’s lead singer Katie Richardson, the MACs artist in residence  had organised the night, New Portals (an Indie electronic band with a very cute drummer), AE MAK and Beauty Sleep. They filled the stage and all parties seemed to be enjoying their stage time and proud of each others accomplishments.

Not having heard any of these bands before I was excited to hear there  own unique sound. But I got slightly distracted from this as I had the some fabulous contemporary dancers to watch, seamlessly evoking emotions from each of the songs and bringing the crowd to a crescendo of dance. I had seen something similar by Sia when I was in Coachella and I have to say I am a fan of contemporary dance especially when it’s done so well.

Personally (and this is a personal blog) my favourites had to be AE MAK and New Portals. I loved the raw sound of New Portals vocals they seemed to hit me right in the heart. The beat and Rhythm of AE MAK, I couldn’t resist they had me dancing for their first song. Although the other two bands put on a brilliant performance as well.I would actually love to go and see each of this four bands individually as this little taster has only wet my appetite to the fabulous home grown talent which is out there!

I would love to see more of this in Belfast! Thank you to Katie Richardson for reminding me of what its like to explore new music. New local music which makes the hairs on your arms stand up and makes your body make fabulous involuntary movements!

Emer D xx