It’s exactly one week till Fathers Day!!!

I love my dad dearly he’s always been their for me through think and thin, through my stroppy teenage years, my what next twenties and now my; I think I’m a grown up thirties. But seriously he is the hardest man I have ever met to buy for. So this blog was dedicated to try and find something different and quirky for the man, who doesn’t want or need anything, who doesn’t play golf and doesn’t drink (they seem to be the main go to themes for a fathers day gift) and Hugh Dooris I may still not find you the perfect gift but just know I tried….

Fathers Day

OK so as I have told you before I had a fantastic time when I recently took part in the Hillmount Garden Centre BBQ Academy (Can’t Cook Won’t Cook: The BBQ Edition) in Belfast and they sent me out lots of new promotions with my new Privilege card just in time for Fathers Day. But my picky dad is hard to tie down for a day (he’s a workaholic like myself) so maybe not quite right for him but maybe they could be right for you. Check these deals out or visit the Hillmount website.



Next I remembered whoops I’m not actually in Northern Ireland for Fathers Day (I’m heading off to London) so actually maybe I should order something to be posted out. So it got me thinking of my favorite online stores again I love something quirky and memorable.

Up pops my one of my favourite snap chatters Nikki from My Shining Armour. My shining Armour is one of my favourite online stores, they have pretty spotty mugs (which sale out in a flash), gorgeous jewellery pieces and light boxes which I have currently have got my eye on. So I messaged Nikki on Snapchat and asked her for suggestions she came back quick as lighting with the following:

Fathers day my shining armour

I love the Man bits and a new phone cover is always handy, cuff links for when he’s in a shirt and tie and how cool are these amazing bamboo sunglasses but I still hadn’t quite hit the mark.

However Nikki then went on to send me one fantastic Fathers Day card which sums up my relationship with my dad perfectly…

Unfortunately it’s currently out of stock but Nikki is hoping to get it back in soon. But how perfect is this, yup I am that independent woman that Beyonce once sang about but its always good to know that the bank of Dad has still got my back lol!
OK so card sorted what now, do I just put in a voucher…my dad is a TKmaxx fiend and loves to browse the shops. Hes bound to find something unexpected from shoes, to sport wear, phone charges to gadgets hopefully he will be satisfied.
Alas the search shall continue, next stop  I’m off to my local shops and suppliers  but I hope my brainstorming and thinking out loud has given you some ideas and Daddy Dooris just know I love ya!


Emer D xx