The Mikado has decreed flirting is punishable by death, I wonder does tinder count?? On Thursday night this thought popped into my head whilst watching a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado in the Grand Opera House Belfast.

Flirting, joyful and frivolous fun is what this production is all about. The show opens with a carnival of colour and grandeur. Fabulous  costumes, an amazing set and a score which would only fit such a silly show. If you have never heard of the Mikado this is the show which features Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular show tunes including; “Three little maids” and “I’ve got a little list.” (Although that little list seems to have a few more politicians on it since I last heard a rendition.)


This is a production by A new Scottish Opera and D’Oyl Carte productions.A stellar, opera trained,talented but comical cast work under the hands of director Martin Lloyd-Evans. The ensemble work alone was amazing from the opening scene of the headless Japanese men throughout.

If you’ve never seen Opera this is the one for you, think of it as an opera pantomime. We have the goodies , the baddies, the love interest and I could see a dame or two in some of the more elaborate male characters.; Ben McAteer as Pish-Tush (especially) but Richard Suart as Ko-ko,Andrew Shore as Pooh-bah and Nicholas Sharrat as Nanki-Poo also had me in stitches with their physical movements and facial expressions.


Stephen Richardson as The Mikado is the lovable baddie but the real Villain if the piece, who on this occasion received one or two pantomime boos was the fabulous Rebeeca de Pont Davies. Playing the unloved hideous Katisha with such vigor I wanted to join in (especially her dramatic entrance and exits the best women scorned I have ever seen.)


To be honest as I tweeted on Thursday night I enjoyed the whole performance and production. I would have loved to join in.Congrats to all involved and I can’t wait to see this company come back with another performance soon.

If you would like to see The Mikado the cast will perform tonight in the Grand Opera House go and check it out at for availability.