Hi Guys, So last time I wrote I had just finished my first induction session..(catch up here Shape up for the Summer: Induction)


I’m glad to say I survived and boastfully, I have actually made it to the gym; at the gorgeous Culloden Hotel twice more (Go me, yes I have one of those smug gym people faces on and I went and bought myself some snazzy new purple trainers!).

However I will be honest guys, I’m feeling it. Over the weekend I was walking like a pensioner and I have found new muscles that I never knew existed but I’m determined to keep it up ( all motivation, hints and tips welcome).

This week I actually got to snoop about the gym,  I hadn’t  booked in any PT sessions having a bit of a hectic work schedule this week. But never fear from last weeks session, I had picked up my own personalised routine and if I hadn’t been able to remember that, I found a wonderful little basket of workouts.

Big workout

How amazing is this! They ranged from my favourite; Kettle bell workouts to those that I loathe; TRX workouts and circuits! All marked with appropriate levels and advice.I also picked up the gym timetable and found out I can attend YOGA which I love or boot camps in the morning for that extra push.

Anyway I did a quick sort of HIIT workout  for just over an hour and then I went to snoop some more…



Yup I ended up in the gorgeous bubbly Jacuzzi, just what my tired aching muscles had been crying out for. This was on Sunday evening after a scorching hot day and I had to treat myself for not being tempted to head straight to the pub after work!

Anyway I think this is the BIG plus for training in such an amazing place, unlike your normal clinical gyms Hasting Hotels have those little hints of luxury, those perks which make you feel at home.

For example in the changing rooms they have provided everything you could need. You could go straight out to work, for dinner or for a night on the town after your workout. I found cleansers, toners,moisturizers which are all amazing and smell divine from the ESPA range (I liked them so much I actually purchased one of the moisturizers this week) and even better for my frizzy hair they even provide straighteners! What more could you want?

I also got to lie out and relax in the fabulous sunshine; content and peaceful able to switch off in the tranquil surroundings and take in that beautiful view. Yes I know what your thinking none of this is going to beat the battle of the bulge. But you are very much mistaken! For me I need to feel like this is somewhere I want to be frequently, somewhere where I feel comfortable enough to workout, where the staff are friendly, helpful and not cynical.

It makes a big difference and from that it’s a  positive spiral. IL go more often therefore I start to workout more, I feel healthier and fitter and I keep going and dont fall of the bandwagon on the first sight of failure. Then hopefully I will see other perks, the bingo wings will start to disappear, inches will disappear from around my waist and even more important I will start loving my body again which is the whole point of training in the first place 🙂 .

Anyway that’s my update for this week, hopefully I will see a little tiny bit of a difference soon but if you want to check out the Culloden spa and join me for a workout, check out the deal their running below but for me I’m off to work off that naughty piece of chocolate cake I ate at Tea early (whoops).

Love Emer D xx

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