Hi guys, so if you had read my earlier blog posts you would know that this year I got to attend the amazing Coachella festival in Calfornia (if you haven’t read it click here; Travel Blog: Venice the Venetian and everything in between…). I have always been a fan of live music, festivals and gigs. In fact my first memory of attending a gig popped up recently on a local papers Facebook page (thank you for the memories Derry Journal).Check out below the first gig I went to in July 1992 headliners Take That and Danni Minnogue.

Radio One Roadshow in Derry



It was a Radio One roadshow and my dad took me and my big sister when I was 8 years of age.

Or what about these Oxygen flashbacks (sorry guys)when I was 18/19…


Anyway as the festival season approaches and I’ve purchased my tickets; so far I’m heading to Beyonce, The RHCP (whom I haven’t seen since I was 18!!) and hoping to get my hands on some Biffy tickets,I thought I’d give you a recap on some of the fashion I wore to Coachella and what I think are essential items to bring with you.

Tip One:Ok first thing to do is check the weather!! If like me above you are going to get sunshine bring the essentials; sun cream,sun hat and glasses. Not only will they make you feel like a festival pro but you will actually be able to see and won’t get sunburnt.However if rain is likely or even may occur bring a raincoat, my favourite for festivals is a little pink pack a Mac I got in Dunnes Stores you will never be lost in a crowd as its bright pink plus you will stay dry!!

Tip Two:Shoes are also very important in Coachella I started in a fabulous pair of small heeled wedges but being in the heat and basically on your feet for 12hrs I have to admit I actually ended up in my really lightweight comfy memory foam Skechers!! Just get a pair you can dance the night away in and aren’t too bothered with people standing on them. I have seen far too many people leave arenas crippled! No fun in that.

Tip Three: Get a funky bad to put them in, my suggestion one with a long strap that you can throw around you whilst you dance. Make sure it has a good clasp which closed!! And always love something quirky like my little Apple bag below.


Last Tip and most important of all; make sure you have FUN!! Drink responsibly always good to remember the gig! And surround yourself with your favourites as the atmosphere of a gig surrounded with your beasties is one of the best feelings in the world!!

Hope you have a fantastic time and maybe bump into in the crowd.

Love Emer D xx