OK guys one very honest and personal blog coming up, look away now if you are scared.

It’s that time of year again when I start to re-evaluate my life, I think its something I’ve been doing since I was in my late twenties and I always do it in June as my birthday approaches. Where am I going? Where would I like to be? When did I get so old? Why am I single etc etc. It’s not a depressing thing, it’s usually more positive; I’m happy of what I’ve achieved in my life and yes the grass is always greener yada yada.

But one thing that I normally fall short on is my health and fitness. When I was approaching my 30th I started a big campaign of getting back on the bandwagon, losing weight and  feeling so much better about myself. I did really well dropped almost two stone and felt so much happier about things, I was training with a PT twice a week and going to the gym and yoga. But.. and here’s the big BUT (and excuses) after my 30th I kinda let things slip a bit, then I took on a new job and my time became more limited so I trained less. I got into a very bad pattern of drinking coffee and eating chocolate or grabbing food on the go. Mix that in with the year of food and drink and a few big holidays including one to the states and I’m back to where I started.

So when I was approached to check out the gym at Hastings Culloden Hotel, I thought right this the opportunity and the push Ive been looking for. I had been to the Culloden spa once before and I had found it is a luxurious and relaxing place but I’d never really checked out their gym facilities. So dawning my sports gear (which was a little more snug then when I last wore it)  I apprehensively got into the car for my induction.

workout 1

Now I’ll be very honest here, I hate gym inductions; they check out your form, your fitness and even worse they take measurements and your weight. But I have to say my friendly PT put me at ease, she talked to me throughout the process and made me feel human and not dare a use the word FAT! She explained all the facilites and listened to me when I explained how I got this way.

She put me through my paces though, with our first little session, a mixture of strength training, TRX, kettle bells and cardio. The gym was quiet and I didn’t feel like I had lots of peering eyes watching my every move, (one big positive in my eyes). I wasn’t intimidated by any of the other gym goers which I think is one of the other big things which also puts me off visiting the gym. All the machines are state of the art but user-friendly and if like me you need some rest periods, water and fresh towels are close at hand. After my session I was going to take a dip in the pool as how could you resist such a glorious sight but after dipping my toe in. I found out there was an aqua class about to begin unfortunately because of time restraints I wasn’t able to join in but It looked like a lot of fun so maybe I should book in for that this week.


Overall Induction done and I’m feeling happy to continue and return so watch this space for further updates.

If you would like to check out the facilities at the Culloden Hotel and Spa they are running a few special offers over the summer months; they have packages that offer 2 month (£200) or 3 month (£280) membership trials at a reduced rate (saving between £100 and £150) plus two half hour personal training sessions. For further details check out; http://www.hastingshotels.com/culloden-estate-and-spa.

Keep reading to see how I get on over the next few weeks and if anyone had any fitness tips send them my direction.

Emer D xx