I wouldn’t say I’m an absolutely dreadful cook but… I live on my own, I work up to 16hr days and I don’t like the hassle of cooking from scratch so I don’t! Because of this I’m not a great cook; I can place things in the oven and at a push can make a quick curry or an omelette but more than likely in my kitchen you will get beans on toast.

So when it comes to a BBQ it is something completely out of my comfort zone, I’m usually the one in the corner chatting and  guzzling white wine. I’m being honest here. So when I was approached to take on a BBQ Academy class in Hillmount Nursery. I thought; I hope someone has a fire extinguisher at hand. But I  had to eat my words I have never had so much fun with a pair of tongs in hand and an apron around my waist.

The chefs and teachers at Hillmount from our introduction made me and the rest of the group, feel completely at home and throughout the whole three courses of cooking I felt safe. For once I didn’t think I’m going to give someone food poisoning or is this going to go up in flames! Everything was explained thoroughly, everything had a reason and in the end I had edible food which I enjoyed with that glass of  white wine.


I enjoyed the experience so much it was a fun day out. I would recommend it to a family, a couple, your work mates(actually I think it would make a great hen or stag). We bonded, had fun and picked up some new skills whilst enjoying the sun shine and having a drink or two.

So my top three tips I took home from the experience which I’d like to pass on to you all:

1. Make sure you leave your food to cook, I have a horrible habit of consonantly moving food and checking it on the BBQ (letting all the heat out). You don’t do that when you put it in the oven so why do we it on the grill. Leave the food to cook for the same amount of time as you would normally, your food will move easily if you have cooked it thoroughly you dont need to scrap it off the grill.

2. Use a probe to find out if the food is cooked through. No one wants food poisoning!

3. Most importantly experiment with flavors, marinades, salsas, make your own burgers from scratch (we did and they tasted amazing!!!) and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

If you want to get a lesson check out the guys on; http://www.facebook.com/Hillmount-BBQ-Academy and check out all their amazing reviews.

Emer D xx