What do you get when you mix a Nolan sister, a 90s boyband star some double denim and some amazing tunes. Yeah, you get a sure fire hit with me…I tell you what I was in the mood for dancing ;).



I attended what felt like a sold out performance of  Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbies adaptation of Footloose in the Grand Opera House last night. I loved it,everyone kinda knows the story of Footloose but to be honest I had forgotten half of it. So sitting watching this perfectly choreographed and musical ensemble retell the tale (which is based on a true story) really brought home how heartwarming, funny and a tad risky this story really is. Would teenage hormones and a bit of dirty dancing really  cause chaos and the end of society in a small town?

Luke Baker who plays the troubled teen who just wants to get all his pent up energy and angst out through dance,is perfectly cast  in this role, he moves seamlessly across the stage,leaping and bounding in moves almost liken to parkour but with a dancers grace. The chemistry between himself and Hannah Price’s Ariel Moore is visible from the first encounter and grows throughout the scenes.

Lee Brennan from 911 (I think I may have had a few posters on my wall 😜) plays a fantastic,funny,endearing Willard staying in character throughout as the loveable rogue in dungarees just watch out for the kylie-esque hotpants!

My highlight of night where the vocals and dance routine to Lets Hear it for the Boy (one of my fav old school tunes by Deniece Williams) sung tonight by Joanna Sawyer who played the loveable Rusty; every girls wanna be best friend.

Although I have to say I found the whole performance enjoyable, it was a little slow in the first act to get tonights audience warmed up but the cast came out on fire in the second act and by the end the audience were on their feet dancing.

It inspired me to download the soundtrack (and have a bit of a singalong) and I would love to see this performance again.It was entertaining enlightened and fun.Go see it!image

Check it at the Grand Opera House now until Saturday 28th May details at http://www.goh.co.uk.