Hi Guys, As you all already know from reading my various posts I was off traveling for a few weeks at the start of the month but when I returned I came back to earth with a bump! The dreaded Jet lag. I had taken long haul flights before but I dont know why this time it felt like I been through the wars. Not having a normal schedule did not help and at one point I slept in for an appointment which was at 5pm whats that about???? Anyway when I finally got over it it was full steam ahead and back to work, work, work oh and a bit of blogging on the side.


This week I had the pleasure of visiting the amazing Hillmount Garden Centre for a BBQ lesson,  as part of their BBQ month with a very cute  Webber grills Chef (Hello Jamie). Did you know you can cook dessert on a BBQ seriously I was amazed!Anyway I was so in awe of the skills that I’m taking myself back this Saturday for a more private lesson to see if I can pick up some skills. WATCHTHISSPACE.


Also I popped into the launch of Lotus Boutique and Shop Brownie points in The Royal Yacht Club on the North Coast. With the sun just setting we browsed the two amazing retailers and enjoyed the location. I have to say I’ve been meaning to pop up to Tamara in Lotus Boutique for such a while but still haven’t had a chance to get over the threshold but with two family weddings coming up and a handful of events I think this is my perfect opportunity and the dresses I have seen so far have been gorgeous! (PS for the little bit larger lady like myself Tamara has a range of sizes) go book an appointment. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you out. http://lotusboutique.co/


Ok that’s all I’ve got time to catch you up on  today but still to come…Ruinart Champagne, CATS the musical in the SSE and a theatre review of An Inspector calls at the SSE arena.

Emer D xx