Champagne,chocolate and the surroundings of the gorgeous Merchant Hotel no plans for the weekend, go on treat yourself you deserve it…

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the Ruinart Champagne Dinner in the Merchant Hotel, Belfast and what an exquisite event it was. I arrived rushing as ever, straight after a very busy day,to be welcomed into the opulence of the Merchant Hotels;Great Room. I love this place with its vaulted ceilings,chandeliers and decadence in every eye-full. Although the Merchant is very central in Belfast you can’t help but feel you have been transported to somewhere very unique and special away from the hustle and bustle of our busy city streets.

Anyway I digress what I wanted to tell you about was the amazing  four course dinner which I sat down to and even more impressive the fabulous knowledge of champagne which I learnt from a world class female sommelier (less than 15% of worlds sommeliers are female; what a shocking fact.) Julie Depoy.

We where served Ruinart champagne along with Irish scallops,roasted monkfish,poached Guinea fowl and an Assiette of rhubarb.The food was amazing delicious and perfectly matched to each champagne serving. Oh and I should note her that our champagne was served in wine glasses and not in flutes. The new modern serving to release the bubbles and to be able to appreciate the aroma ( it just reminded me of my student days where wine was served in anything from glasses to mugs lol!)

To me champagne is something I have on a special occasion,at a wedding at my graduation,toasting a friends success. I didn’t realise their where so many types and to be honest so many flavours. I was very lucky to be accompanied by a table of lovely girls who to where exploring these tastes and flavours too but we all concluded that our favourite was Ruinart Blanc de Blanc.


I can’t wait to get back to the Merchant for another glass, who wants to take me?

Love Emer D xx

We had been served Ruinart Champage – the world’s oldest champagne  which is now be served as the 5-star hotel’s new house champagne. The exciting partnership, brokered through drinks company, Dillon Bass, will make The Merchant the exclusive stockist of the luxury brand in Northern Ireland.