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Hi All, welcome to my blog. I write lifestyle, entertainment and arts posts from a Northern Irish perspective. I hope to entertain,inspire and inform.I hope you find posts which you find interesting and which entertain.

Emer D xx 

Now comes Highly Commended by the DANI Awards 17 and shortlisted DANI Award 2018 and 2019!

Disclaimer: If I have been given free tickets they will be marked #gifted and if I have got the tickets from work they will be marked #workperk. Any content I have been paid for will be marked #ad.I would never want to mislead or have any conflict of interest. If you have any queries about this please feel free to contact me.

PS if you never heard of me give @edooris a google! I work in entertainment both in Operations and PR/Marketing.Originally from Strabane and now residing in Glasgow!

Drop me an email to edooris@yahoo.com